Mallika refuses to wear a bikini!


By Hindustan Times
Yes, you read that right! Mallika Sherawat, who is extremely comfortable shedding her clothes at the drop of the hat, is now turning coy and has refused to wear a bikini for a film. Buzz is that despite agreeing to don a bikini initially, the Hisss actress threw a fit and refused to wear one for Indra Kumar's Dhamaal 2. Mallika, apparently, wants a body double for the shoot, Mumbai Mirror reported.
Mallika told Indra Kumar that he could film her waist up in a bikini top but waist down will have to be a body double.
She told him in clear words, "Merge the two shots, mine upper and the body double's lower, or show it separately. Do whatever you want but no visuals of my lower body."
Initially, Indra did not take it seriously but when it came to actually shooting the scene, Mallika was adamant. He tried to persuade her for 3-4 hours but no amount of cajoling helped.
Finally, Mallika won and Indra had to find a body double to do the scene.
Indra Kumar simply conceded and told the tabloid, "I got what I wanted. You will see Mallika in a swimsuit from head to toe. I am not complaining."