Making 3D film is difficult: 'Bal Ganesh' director


New Delhi, June 22 (IANS) The 3D filmmaking scene in India is at a very nascent stage and filmmaker Pankaj Sharma, who has directed 3D animation movies like "Bal Ganesh" and "Bal Hanuman", admits it is an uphill task to make such movies.

"The 3D filmmaking is a difficult job. And live-cum-animation film in 3D is double- difficult. When we shoot with live characters, we have to keep in mind a lot of things which will take place only in studio," said Sharma in an e-mail interaction.

"Artists have to play their roles with imaginary characters and we, the technicians, have to accommodate space and atmosphere for animated characters. We usually have to take four-five times extra shots than normal for such films," he added.

Sharma, who made animation movies "Bal Ganesha", "Bal Hanuman", "Bal Ganesha-2", "Bal Hanuman-2", "Panga Gang" and "Bal Hanuman Return of the Demon", under his banner Astute Media Vision, says his love for children motivates him to make animation movies and that "when I make a film I take care of their tastes".

He added that lack of time doesn't allow him to work outside his banner.

The writer-director-producer, right now busy making "Chhutanki" live-cum-animation film in 3D, admits that animation films require a lot of expertise and moolah.

"It took 14 creative months, a team of 40 special effect experts to make the film. We had to work hard to bring out the film.

"The film is not dramatically excellent, but technically at par with any Hollywood film. Because of its high quality special effects, budget shot up to approximately Rs.6 crore-Rs.7 crore," he claimed.

The story of "Chhutanki" revolves around the lead character, mystery around his birth and how he was brought up and trained by his guru. The movie about victory of good over evil stars Puneet Issar, Upasana Singh, Anuj Pandit and Nikita More as live characters.

It will release July 22.