Mahie Gill and Randeep Hooda: Love bites!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Mar. 5 -- Morning morning my mushroom tikkas! How goes the Saturday subah with you? Oops, I just remembered... I hope I'm not sounding like Naseeruddin Shah's Modu Dada from 7 Khoon Maaf. Anyway, before I digress in such vague characters, let me get straight to the point. So read on for your dose of daily goss...
For a change, let me start the day with a sizzling scooplet on Mahie Gill and Randeep Hooda. Now, before you leap to conclusions, let me tell you that they're not having any scene, but yes, they seem to be sharing sizzling chemistry in their forthcoming film, Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster.
Suna hai, that the two have really hot and intimate scenes in the movie and Sher Lock Holmes claims that they had no inhibitions while filming them. But wonder of wonders, I'm told that by the time they finished shooting the sensual scenes, our Hooda dude had a couple of love bites, thanks to Ms Gill.
Turns out that she got a little too carried away by the director's diktat to get real and show passion in her performance. Needless to say, Hooda wasn't surprised. After all, the dude has been recently voted among the 20 hottest men in the world in some poll.
Guess that could have been inspiration for Gill to smooch him so hard that she left her marks all over him. Or shouldn't I ask?