Mahesh Bhatt lends his voice to his next


Mumbai, April 23 -- Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has lent his voice to his upcoming production, Aashiqui 2. While many directors these days are turning actors, the veteran artiste clarifies that he will not be seen in the film.
He says, "I play the lead actor's (Aditya) father. But I am not acting in the film; you won't see me. I have given my voice for two scenes. He has a phone conversation with his dad and my voice can be heard."
The filmmaker adds that he plays the role of a father, who is more of a friend and a confidant to his son. "This was my selfish motive, to have my name in the film apart from being the producer along with late Gulshan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar. I wanted to be part of the film and I cleverly engineered my way in, by saying that I'll dub for the role of Aditya's father."