Mahek Chahal: People are jealous!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- Actor Mahek Chahal, 32, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss House two weeks ago reentered the show yesterday as a wild-card contestant.
The move has set tongues wagging that the decision has something to do with her proximity with the show's co-host Salman Khan.
However, Mahek, who was chosen by the public over co-contestants Laxmi Tripathi and Shonali Nagrani, says, "I am a strong contender and people need a reason to break my image down. They are jealous and that's why they talk nonsense. But let me tell you that they won't succeed."
The actor who has now seen all the episodes of the show says that she does not have revenge on her mind. "I will surely clear things out. On the show, I heard people saying that they have never shouted or abused in the house, so I will tell them the truth and remind them of all that they did... I will confront them. Having said that, revenge s really not on my agenda."
About her current equation with the inmates, she says, "My equation with sidharth will be as it were ... will be my friend. I have lost trust in Amar. As for Sky, I think a person who has addressed others as 'bhootni' and 'dustbin' has no right to be on national TV. Juhi national TV. Juhi was the first to raise her voice, I need to remind her that."