Madhur Bhandarkar will make a musical next!


By Hindustan Times
He is known for his realistic brand of cinema, with the Kareena Kapoor-starrer Heroine being his latest release. Now, Madhur Bhandarkar wants to take a different route. The news is that T-Series’ head honcho Bhushan Kumar and Madhur have joined hands to make a musical. “Bhushanji and Madhur have wanted to work together for a long time, but somehow things never worked out.
The film, in all likelihood, will start towards the beginning of 2013,” says an insider. Madhur already has a three-film deal with UTV, two of which — Fashion (2008) and Heroine — are already out. If sources are to be believed, once he wraps up the third film, Bhandarkar Entertainment (his production house) and T-Series will also get into a joint venture. Bhushan says, “Madhur and I have agreed to work together, but we haven’t yet decided on the finer details. He has been busy with Heroine for the past few weeks. In a week’s time, we will discuss how to take things forward.”
Although Bhushan refuses to divulge any more details, it’s being touted as an ‘Aashiqui-style (1990) musical drama’. “It will be different from what we — Madhur and T-Series — have done so far. There will surely be an emphasis on music, since that’s our strong point,” adds Bhushan.
So, is this project a remake of T-Series’ production, Aashiqui? “Absolutely not. There were never any intentions to remake Aashiqui. The idea was always to make an Aashiqui-style musical with seven or eight songs,” says Bhushan.