Lara's bumpy cravings!


By Hindustan Times
NEW DELHI, Sept. 28 -- Dhobi Safedi Lal is back in my life. Today, thankfully he wants to talk about the much pregnant Lara Dutta. The former Miss Universe is spending her bumpy days with her husband Mahesh Bhupati and her pet dog because they complete he universe, says Safedi. So?
So, Safedi says that she been getting cravings for Italian food. Dutta devi also wants her husband to know on his own when she needs a brunch and when she is in the mood to eat lunch and breakfast alag alag. He must also figure what's making her happy and what's not. Bechara and what's not. Bechara pati! Kya kya karega? But karna to padega, he doesn't have a choice. After all, such is life dearies!