Kiran Rao: Election time!


Mumbai, June 18 -- Kiran Rao is using a democratic approach to promote her new venture, Ship Of Theseus. Like the campaign in the USA during the release of Paranormal Activity (2009), Kiran is asking fans to vote for their cities if they want the film to release there.
While the film will have its theatrical release in five cities, the rest of India will have to cast their ballot.
"We feel that there are a good number of people who live outside of big cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, who are also keen to watch Ship Of Theseus. With our online campaign 'Vote for the film in your city', our effort is to gauge the interest of that audience base," says Kiran.
The makers will run an online voting campaign where viewers will be able to request for the movie to release in their cities. And the film will be released in the places that log the highest number of votes.
The film, presented by Kiran Rao, explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death through the stories of an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and an enterprising stockbroker. The movie is set to hit theatres on July 19.