Khan follows Khan!



Mumbai, June 12 -- Imran Khan is playing a Muslim character for the first time in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. So far, we've seen him in Pathani suits in stills from the film, but there's another element in his character's get-up - one that may seem very familiar. The actor will sport a Firoza, a blue stone that Salman Khan has been wearing for three years now.

While Salman wears his Firoza embedded in a silver bracelet, Imran will wear it in a different form. A source close to the actor says, "He will wear an unpolished Firoza in a silver ring. It has been made by his family jeweller in Bhopal. Wearing a Firoza is a huge thing among Muslims, so Imran feels very good about owning one now."

The actor has been making an effort to add authenticity to his character's look since he bagged the part. "Imran has even used one of his own pathanis for one scene in the film. He thought that wearing a Firoza would add to the look and feel of the character. He plans to keep it on later as well, as it's considered to be lucky," says the source.

Ask Imran about this and he says, "I have always wanted to wear an authentic Firoza, which is why I decided to source it from my hometown, Bhopal. It looks beautiful and is a raw stone."