Katrina - Sonakshi: Battle lines drawn!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 30 -- Salaam namastey my natkhat nuggets! I just love Saturdays, for I can just chill out doing my own number without worrying about what is happening in the outside duniya. Not to forget the pathetic jokes, but I'm in no mood to get pareshaan over such insignificant stuff. So instead of wasting time or breathe on unimportant things, let's get on with your dose of daily goss. Here you go my sweetums...

Must say that even though she's barely one film old, she's fighting for her space like an accomplished warrior. I'm talking about Sonakshi Sinha, who, I'm informed, seems to be in a hurry to conquer Katrina Kaif's territory. Matlab?

Meaning, Sher Lock Holmes explains that the Dabangg dudette is not too happy that her manager is continuing to handle Kat's career too. Recently, the newbie conveyed her reservations to her manager and suggested that she focus more on her career.

And if that's not enough, Sonakshi went to insist that her manager stop working altogether for Kat. According to my super sleuth the one-film old newbie was of the firm belief that her Dabangg hero Salman Khan will back her all the way against her older competition.

But you know what? Au contraire, the manager not only refused to quit handling Kat's work, but also insisted that it was none of Sonakshi's business to dictate who she should work for and who she can't work with, I'm informed.

Predictably, Sallu's too preoccupied with the post-production of his forthcoming film, Ready and the shooting of his next, Bodyguard, to even bother to interfere Sonakshi's Kat-fight.

Last heard, Sonakshi's not too aggressively pushing her manager anymore now. It probably seems like the lull before the storm. Nonetheless, keep watching this space for regular updates.