Katrina in a pizza?


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Dec. 22 -- Howdy chahitas and chahitis? As you read this, I'm making my last minute preparations to fly off! My holiday is finally on! Yay! Munni is frowning at me because I'm not taking her along. And Francois is rejoicing because he won't have to wake up early to make tea for me. And he'd be free to cook what he likes to, even if it's fatty, oily and spicy. Like I care! Main to chali!
Before I zoom off, here's some masaledaar gossip that I have found. For starters, there's a pizza for you. And it's not a regular one. My bawarchi Francois has found that a popular pizza company has launched a pizza called Chikni Chameli pizza. The ingredients have been chosen keeping the song from Agneepath in mind.
There's some paneer, some greens and lots of yellows that have been used to match Katrina Kaif's look from the song. The dish was introduced on the menu, I'm told, just yesterday. And since not too many people got the link, they've been asking the pizza boys to explain what the dish is. It's supposedly available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.
I must say Katrina Kaif has seriously grown from being just a Barbie doll to now a spicy pizza that's going to be on everyone's plates for the days to come. Wooo! Good job Francois!