Kate Winslet: 'I am still a learner'


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Sept. 10 -- Hollywood actor Kate Winslet has a myriad intense film roles behind her. She even received an Academy-award for her part in The Reader in 2008. But now, the actor wants to do something a little light-hearted. "I would love to act in a romantic-comedy," says Winslet, who started her career with a comic show called Get Back in 1993 and recently was seen in the romantic film The Holiday (2006).
Currently, she's getting over the paranoia that the entire cast of her recently released film Contagion is dealing with. The Warner Bros movie directed by Steven Soderbergh revolves around a highly contagious virus that a group of doctors are out to find the cure for. Winslet plays one of those scientists. "I had OCD for a month!" says the actor, who apparently finished filming her part in a record 10-days time.
Explaining what went into preparing herself for her part, she adds, "I got to sit with epidemic intelligence service officers and you have to be incredibly determined to do this job, it's basically like being a Sherlock Holmes of the medical field and it was absolutely fascinating." Winslet apparently wrapped up shooting for the film in a record 10-days time. And she may have spent months researching the role, but she gives all the credit to director Soderbergh, who in about a year-and-a-half will be taking off on a sabbatical.
"Steven works in a very different way. He knows exactly what he wants. What that means for the actors is that you are able to bring something concise to the table, and not get exhausted," explains Winslet adding, "This is why she loves her job. Steven works in a really efficient way, not many takes, wrapping really early, which is just a revelation for me, because that is not normally the type of gig I end up signing for," she smiles.
Twenty years and 35 films later, is it tougher to pick roles? "No, not at all as I am still a learner and every film I work on is like finishing a chapter in my film career," says the actor, who rose to fame with the legendary super hit film Titanic.