Kat needed coaxing to rock!


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Aug. 17 -- Meanwhile, bhanja Imran Khan is also back from his honeymoon and abhi likes to spend time at home, whenever possible, with biwi Avantika. Ah yes, they probably like to stretch out on the couch and catch a ghar ghar ki soap drama or something else?
"No no," says Madhu my Mottu Maid insisting that this Khan is absolutely not-hooked to the idiot box.
Hmmn...okay now let's switch tracks to Imran's Mere Brother Ki Dulhan co-star, Katrina Kaif. K.One, my Russian Bond, tells me Kat had initially refused to strum a guitar, which she didn't know how to, or even try to twist her tongue around the Punjabi words in the song. It took plenty of coaxing before she agreed to rock in the Agra fort in the presence of real fans. And now, Kat can jig at a real gig with Imran, and loves her Rock On!! kind of gaana.