Kareena, Shahid: Hello with K Jo!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Feb. 4 -- Hi da hi my darling mushy momos! How goes it in your duniya? Don't ask about mine, for it's going crazy like there is no tomorrow. Blame it on some twits who're trying to add some twists in some tales just for the sake of it. Nonetheless, I've put them in their place and told them to stay put and not move even a wee bit. Khair, I shall tell more about them another day... for I'd rather we get to your natkhat nuggets of the day now. Here you go dahlings...
So listen, while some of us might have no reservations about bumping into our pasts, it seems like Kareena Kapoor isn't too comfortable with the idea. Never mind the reports that she exchanged pleasantries with Shahid Kapoor when he was hanging out with Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar at an award show a few days ago.
I'm informed that at Johar's party at the Four Seasons hotel on Tuesday night, she wasn't too enthused by Johar's suggestion to say hello to Sasha. Sher Lock Holmes tells me that the Kapoor kudi was leaving when her dost and party host asked her to meet her ex-man first.
Apparently, Bebo tried excusing herself, saying she had to leave as she had to report for work early the next morning. But K Jo insisted, saying it wouldn't take even a minute for her to say hi to Sasha before leaving, I'm told.
However, she couldn't refuse as she considers K Jo a brother, so she went along, reluctantly. Seems like, soon after she had exchanged greetings with Sasha boy, Bebo requested her filmmaker buddy to excuse her and rushed out.
My super sleuth goes on to recall that later, the lissome lass maintained that she was not exactly thrilled with the idea of meeting Shahid. But then again, these days, who is? Or shouldn't I ask?