Kareena Kapoor signs highest ever ad deal!


By Hindustan Times
Kareena Kapoor has reportedly signed a huge endorsement deal with a beverage brand. The advertisement deal, which now makes Bebo the highest paid brand endorser, came through at a whopping amount of Rs. 5 crore.
Kareena signed the deal with the lemonade brand soon after her contract with another beverage brand expired.
“Kareena now has 16 brands in her kitty including the latest one, easily making her the most sought-after face in the ad space amongst the actresses. 2011 was the year of big money for Kareena, thanks to her back-to-back hits,” a source told Mid Day.
“Though Bebo has a lot of film commitments, she makes sure she gives enough time to her brands and hence charges as much," the source added.
Interestingly, Kareena has now even beaten Katrina Kaif, who had been charging the maximum (Rs 4 - 4.5 crore approximately) for another beverage brand.
“Both Katrina and Asin who endorse soft drinks have had ads that have gained a lot of popularity. So Kareena and her team were insistent that the commercial must be catchy and entertaining,” the source told the tabloid.
Other leading ad ladies (Courtesy HT Brunch)
Katrina Kaif: Endorsement fee (per day) 1-1.25cr
Vidya Balan: Endorsement fee (per day) 0.25-0.5cr
Priyanka Chopra: Endorsement fee (per day) 0.65-0.75 cr
Deepika Padukone: Endorsement fee (per day) 0.5-0.75 cr
Anushka Sharma: Endorsement fee (per day) 0.25-0.4 cr