Kangna and Dutts no longer friends!


By Hindustan Times
Seems like friends are not forever in Bollywood! Kangna Ranaut and the Dutts, who were earlier reportedly very close friends, have drifted apart and the reason for that is Kangna herself!
The actress has reportedly been telling her friends that she does not want to befriend the Dutts.
A source close to the Dutts told Mid-Day, "Reports of her distancing herself from the couple have disturbed them. And whatever she is saying about them has come as a rude shock to them. They won't be inviting her to their home anymore. In any case, she had never been as close to them as she claimed. It was always Ameesha Patel who was Maana's close friend."
Buzz is that even though Kangna wanted the Dutts to come for her birthday party, they were a no-show. She even tried calling Maanyata a couple of times but to no avail.
So where did the problem arise? If rumours are to be believed Maana had helped Kangna find a flat in Bandra but when Maana deliverd her twins, Kangna did not go meet her.
She also made sure that she was seen with the Dutts at public functions to attract media attention.
Seems like the oppotunistic Kangna has lost another friend!