Kajol on television?


Mumbai, June 15 -- For years now, Bollywood stars have trooped to the small screen. While some, like Amitabh Bachchan, have found immense success, others have tried their luck with reality shows and failed.
Now, we hear that the latest to join the bandwagon might just be Kajol. Apparently, the My Name Is Khan (2010) actor is in talks with a mainstream TV channel to either host or be a judge on a reality show.
"Right now, things are at a nascent stage, but Kajol is impressed with the channel's idea. In all likelihood, the actor is going to take up the offer. Once she is back from her family holiday in London, she will take things forward," says an insider.
Earlier, Kajol had a stint with a reality show, Rock-NRoll Family, with her mother Tanuja and hubby Ajay.
"I had really enjoyed doing TV and am still open to it, but I have always maintained that my priority is my kids, so if I do get an offer where I can juggle my time with them comfortably, I'd love to consider TV again. But yes, I am going to be super choosy for sure," she said in an interview last month.