John rides personal bike in Desi Boyz!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Oct. 5 -- Actor got the makers to transport his bike from Mumbai to London for a scene in the film In Bollywood circles, John Abraham is known to be a bike fanatic and owns several mean machines. But the actor took his love for them a step forward on the sets of Rohit Dhawan's upcoming film, Desi Boyz.
The story goes like this: When the team of Desi Boyz was shooting in London, there was one particular scene where John had to ride a bike. The makers planned to get him a cool one but John said that wanted to ride his own bike in the sequence. In fact, the Dhoom actor insisted that Rohit Dhawan use his personal motorcycle.
In the end, Rohit had no option but to transport it from Mumbai to London for shot. "The scene was shot with John riding his Yamaha V-Max. John was very happy about it and thanked the makers for making the special arrangement," says a source. Desi Boyz producer Krishika Lulla confirms this: "For a particular scene, John had to be cruising on a bike and he suggested doing the scene with his own. So, after having discussed it, we decided to bring his personal bike down to London."
Director Rohit adds, "When it comes to bikes, no one knows more than John. While I was going through different models to see which one could be used in the film, John was gracious enough to suggest that we could use his bike. So we got it to London immediately," says Rohit. Besides John, the film also stars Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh.