John-Priya: And the parents met..!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- Good morning coffee beans! How goes it? I'm not in the mood to even lift a finger today, but I can't leave my duties towards you guys aside for my comforts, can I? So, I have to start chasing my jasoos types to fill my ears with pieces of gup about all and sundry from Bollywood. And then, there's the chahnewala who also demands attention.
Tsk! So much to do! Chalo, my first piece of goss has come in from Sher Lock Holmes. I'd been hearing all kinds of things for a while about John Abraham and his new girlfriend Priya Runchal. Someone said they were married, some said they were engaged and another even said that John twotimed his old girlfriend, Bipasha Basu with Priya, since they worked out at the same gym.
I'd assigned the task of finding out the asli baat to my jasoos, who says that the twotiming story is concocted. He says that the trio never worked out together at any gym. John met Priya through some common friends much after he broke up with Bips. Next: are they married or engaged? My jasoos says neither has happened as yet. All that has happened is love. That has increased manifold between the new couple. Their parents met each other in Los Angeles recently when John also travelled to the American city. The topic of discussion naturally wasn't the weather or politics. The families have made a foolproof plan of taking Priya and John's relationship to the altar and get them married. As for the ring that Priya flaunts on her ring finger, it's a gift that John has given her and not their mangni ki angoothi. Good work Sheroo!