John hates tattoos!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Aug. 7 -- John Abraham hates getting tattoos. The actor, who is known for his great physique, says he doesn't understand why people put their body through such pain and torture. He is against painting one's body.
The actor is also very strict when it comes to his health and is against abusing his body. He is of the opinion that tattooing one's body could have side effects at times and he wouldn't want his body to go though any pain or problems because of it. For John, his body is of utmost importance. He takes good care of it by eating right and working out well.
So much so, that the actor is known to never miss his workouts. He makes sure he hits the gym no matter how late he gets back from his shoot. And partying is a controlled affair. Even when he was in London recently, shooting for Housefull 2, he never partied much. This left quite a number of people surprised, as most thought that the actor was a hardcore party person. But John is completely the opposite. He just likes to party with his friends. Well John, health is wealth!