John Abraham to produce Satya 2: Ram Gopal Varma


By Hindustan Times

After delivering a spate of flops like Department, Not a Love Story and Agyaat, Ram Gopal Varma has announced the sequel to one of his most successful movies Satya. While the first part featured Chakravarthy, Manoj Bajpai and Urmila Matondkar, the sequel will have a new cast. John Abraham though not starring in the film, would produce it. Here's what RGV shared on Twitter:

Why Satya 2 now? What prompted you to return to it?
Satya was the story of one guy among thousands of people who keep coming to Mumbai everyday which primarily means that there are that many stories to tell provided that they are as interesting or more.

Why is John Abraham producing Satya 2? Is it because you offered him the lead role?
John is not acting in the film, for that matter he is not even doing an item song. The film is being done with complete newcomers many of whom have not even had stage or TV experience. John heard the concept of Satya 2 through a mutual friend and he expressed interest. When I met him and we spoke at length I was amazed at his insights into my detailed narration of Satya 2 story. It’s purely our common excitement towards the subject matter which is making us collaborate.

Are any of the original actors or characters from Satya going to be there in Satya 2?
Absolutely not. This is a completely different story with completely different characters, in fact there won't even be a reference to the first Satya in any which way.

The first Satya was produced by Bharat Shah, so would there be any Copyright issues?
There cannot be any Copyright issues because like I said Satya 2 has no connection to neither the original characters nor the original story and the title Satya 2 is already registered in my name by the concerned association.

When do you hope to start Satya 2?
Principal shooting will start after my work on 26/11 is over. But even now the auditions for the actors are on and apart from the actors being new even the crew are going to be completely new.

Satya to this day is regarded as a trend setter, would its reputation weigh on your mind while making Satya 2?
Start with I am not making Satya 2 to prove a point to myself or anybody else. Any film will be as good as the matter the film maker chooses and with what degree of passion he makes it. The degree of passion again will depend upon the newness of the subject matter. In 1997 I was new in Mumbai and my child like fascination towards discovering its nuances is what which got reflected in Satya. After a while my expertise on it increased to the extent that I started taking my knowledge for granted which obviously will result in a certain degree of complacency and repetitiveness. But in Satya 2 after all these years I came across a subject matter which has put me in awe of it and is fascinating me to no end.

Many gangster films came over the years made by you Sanjay Gupta, Anurag etc. So what makes you think that another underworld film will have any USP left in it?
To start with, underworld is a background and not the story. You can make 100s of underworld films or love stories or crime thrillers etc.

A story comes out of character conflicts giving rise to situations and it is situations which move a story forward and the novelty in them will come from the newness in a concept. The concept of Satya 2 is that by the year 2012, Mumbai Police has pretty much wiped out the underworld, but as long as greed for money, resentment towards the rich and rebelliousness towards the system exists in human nature it’s a fallacy to think that any civil society can ever totally wipe out organised crime, so it follows that it’s just a matter of time before it gets revived and will come back in a very different and a more deadlier manner. The difference between Satya and Satya 2 is that if Satya was a story of a man who came to Mumbai in 1997 and got shaped by circumstances in the then existing underworld Satya 2 is about a man who came to Mumbai in 2012 to create his own circumstances and reinvent the underworld.