Jimmy Shergill: It's the mind playing games on us


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Oct. 16 -- Actor Jimmy Shergill doesn't believe in ghosts. "While shooting a horror film 'spooky' experiences, are commonplace. The mind plays games and even a small incident like a door slamming feels abnormal because there could be spirits," says Shergill who recently completed shooting for Raaj Varma and Anjum Rizvi's supernatural thriller The Flat.
"During the shoot a crewmember got hurt in the lift and everyone was convinced it was because of an evil spirit present in the deserted hotel where we were shooting," says Sheirgill. However the actor admits that while checking a scene of The Flat on the monitor he jumped off the seat after seeing co-actor Hazel standing behind him, looking 'scary'.
"While shooting the sequence she was standing behind me and I couldn't see the expression on her face or the way her eyes looked, but when I saw it on screen, I had goose bumps," he recalls. Eerie instances Once while shooting in the interiors of the country, one of Sheirgill's units agreed to stay at an old 'dak bangla', only after asking the locals about the history of the place, since it appeared eerie from the exterior.
"A common rumour among actors is that a dancer died during the shoot of a song at Mukesh Mills and the place has been haunted ever since. Similarly crewmembers keep talking about some locations in Goa being haunted by ghosts," says Sheirgill. A bit unsettling "I have never witnessed a ghost but you tend to feel a bit unsettled when you hear such things about locations, you are going to shoot at," he adds.
Apart from The Flat, Sheirgill will also be seen in Tigmanshu Dhulia's Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster along side Mahie Gill later this month.