James Bond fans beware of Skyfall spoiler!


By Hindustan Times
It has opened to a staggering $77.7 million earning so far, but James Bond fans beware, as public-sourced website, Wikipedia, has revealed a major chunk of the latest Bond installment, Skyfall.
The post includes a full summary, which jeopardises major twists in the film involving the fate of one character and the future of Bond’s agency MI6, reports The Wrap. The plot was leaked after the film released in the UK and Russia two weeks before the US.
That’s not all for the movie. Bond fans in the UK are being forced to sit through 30 minutes of advertisements before the movie starts, which serve as plugs for the film and its sponsors, reports dailymail.co.uk.
BondFive of the adverts feature the secret agent, including ones for Heineken, Omega watches and a Bond aftershave. Even before Adele’s opening theme, the spy, played by Daniel Craig, appears in an action sequence with the camera lingering on his Omega watch.
One Vikki Ross, tweeted, “Product placement aplenty and Adele hasn’t even sung yet.” Another, Jayne Rodgers, wrote, “Wow, sickening number of Bond product placement ads.”
The film hits screens in India, tomorrow.