Jacqueline Fernandes gets Aishwarya Rai's trainer


By Hindustan Times
No one can forget Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s ultra-slim look from Yash Raj Film’s Dhoom:2 (2006). Now, news is that Jacqueline Fernandez has roped in the same trainer, Deepika Mehta — who helped Ash get into shape, to help with her look in Race 2. “I had no idea that Deepika had trained Ash,” explains Jacqueline. “For me, Deepika is an amazing yoga teacher. I found out about her training Ash only after I worked with her for a couple of months.”
Jacqueline further adds that she has always been into yoga, but she joined Deepika’s classes to take her workout regime to the next level. “I was also preparing for Race 2 then, and had to be physically fit for the action scenes in the movie. Training in yoga with Deepika helped me with my flexibility and stamina. I am continuing with her classes three times a week and training in an advanced form of Ashtang Yoga,” says the actor, who has also trained in gymnastics for her stunts in the film.
Jacqueline feels yoga has helped her achieve a certain fitness level. “I feel fitter and stronger as yoga helps strengthen the core. It is great for women as it keeps the body shape feminine, long and stretched. I think I was a bit stodgier earlier but with yoga, which is a relaxing exercise, you get toned in the right way.”
Jacqueline also exchanged notes with her Race 2 co-star Deepika Padukone about her trainer. “Deepika told me Pilates works best for her. We shared many fitness tips.”