Jacky's lost slippers saga!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 28 -- Ek minute while I check this sandesha on my kaaliberry. It's my birdy from Bandra, telling me that Jacqueline Fernandez lost her pair of chappals while shooting a campaign for Panasonic Lumix cameras, which she's signed up to endorse recently.

Obviously, she wouldn't have bothered if they were some chaalu brand. My tweety says that Jacky was all the more worried because they were an international designer brand and she couldn't bear the thought of losing them.

So wonder of wonders, she got the entire unit to look for her prized slippers. Unfortunately for her, they couldn't be found. So after a few hours lost, the former Ms Sri Lanka decided to forget about them and resume her photo-session. Thank God for small mercies, she didn't let the loss show on her face during the shoot. And instead, was sporty enough to join the crew in laughter over her lost slippers.