Indefinite delay for Preity Zinta’s next!


By Hindustan Times
Preity Zinta’s Ishkq In Paris (IIP) seems to be jinxed. Initially, it was supposed to release on September 21 alongside Heroine and English Vinglish. However, Madhur Bhandarkar’s film and IIP postponed their release date to October 5. While the Kareena Kapoor-starrer hit the theatres on that
date, Preity’s film was again pushed further.
Matters only worsened when the film’s director, Prem Soni, was diagnosed with cancer in the last week of October. A few days after that, Preity announced that the film would only release once the director is in a condition to complete the post-production work. As a result, IIP did not release on November 2 either. “Prem’s diagnosis was a huge blow, which is why PZ had to announce an indefinite delay,” says a source.
The film’s troubles did not end here. After months of looking for a distributor, Ponty Chadha bought the rights to IIP. Unfortunately, the veteran too lost his life in a violent shootout on November 17. “Sohail Khan is handling the distribution. He was only able to rope Ponty in on a commission basis after having several discussions with him,” says an insider. “Ponty was going to distribute it in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan, but now the makers will have to find another distributor. It has no takers in Mumbai too.”
Ishq In Paris has been jointly produced by Preity Zinta and Aakash Arora, an NRI who has invested in the project. The actor is yet to make a statement on the release. As of now, her ‘comeback film’ has been indefinitely delayed.
Preity Unlucky
September 21: IIP was to release with Heroine and English Vinglish
October 5: Heroine released, IIP did not
November 2: IIP did not release on this re-scheduled date either
Last week of October: Director Prem Soni diagnosed with cancer
November 17: Distributor Ponty Chadha dies in a shootout