Imran Khan names bungalow after late grandfather


By Hindustan Times
When Imran Khan got his Pali Hill bungalow renovated recently, he wanted to find a fitting name for the place. After taking in suggestions from friends and family, the actor finally settled on naming his home after its original owner and his late grandfather Nasir Hussain. Imran plans to call it
NH Bungalow, using the initials of his grandfather’s name.
A source close to Imran says, “This is his way of showing love and respect for his late granddad. Everyone in Imran’s family is really happy with his decision.”
Popularly known by its plot number, ‘24, Pali Hill’, the house has seen a lot of history. “Hussain was a well-known filmmaker. His residence has always been a famous address, which was frequented by the who’s who of the industry. Back in the day, a lot of parties used to be hosted here. Many A-list weddings, too, were also held at the bungalow.”
On behalf of Imran, a spokesperson confirms the news: “24 Pali Hill is an iconic bungalow and mostly everyone referred to it as Nasir saheb’s bungalow.