If govt doesn’t act, public will lynch rapists: John Abraham


As the nation awaits justice for the Delhi bus gangrape victim, two top actors are debating the right way to it. John Abraham, 40, is outraged at the slow response of the system and wishes he could do something himself, while Saif Ali Khan, 42, feels the law should take its own course. “I don’t know what we should we do … should we bomb places to make them hear…? I feel a sense of remorse and frustration towards the system and given an option, I’d break these guys (the accused) into pieces,” says John, unable to hold his anger.
Saif, the calm one, however, says, “The anger, sadly, does not surprise me. But, it’s not the question of Delhi alone … it can happen anywhere. If some men are junglee and they behave like animals, we can’t blame the entire system for it. He adds, “The law has to apply to everybody. If you make a barbaric law for them then it might someday hurt normal people like us. Shooting them is not an option so you have to let the law takes its course. There are amazing things happening along with some terrible things, so I hope the terrible things will stop… it’s going to take some time.”
John agrees, but says it might be too late if nothing is done fast. “If the government does not do something about this quick, you will see a lot of public lynching happening. If they do not step up their act, there will be a lot of unnecessary carnage on the roads,” says John. Both John and Saif, who were in the city to promote their film Race 2, also felt it’s unfair to blame Bollywood for such crime: “By that logic, one should stop reading books and stop watching TV too!,” says Saif.