I won’t hide my beloved: Shahid Kapoor


By Hindustan Times

Shahid Kapoor says he will let the world know when he’s in love; says he isn’t dating PC.

Reports say you are back with Priyanka Chopra. Is it true or is it a publicity exercise? Does it make an interesting story to pair us up?
I have stopped reading the papers. If someone believes a link up can make a film a hit, it’s a twisted way of thinking.

Do you think a film does badly or well because somebody gets linked up?
From Priyanka to Vidya Balan and Anushka Sharma to Bipasha Basu, there seems to be a new link up every month. It will be surprising if I do a film and don’t get linked up with my co-star. But honestly, I’m very happy wherever I am. I am single. If we are seen having a cup of coffee with someone, going for dinner, or even a drive, does it mean we are seeing each other? Let’s assume you are single, for now.

But when you are in love, what kind of a person are you?
I’m a romantic at heart. I love films like When Harry Met Sally (1989), and Love Actually (2003). I am quite lost in love when I fall in love, which happens very rarely.

I will tell the world when I get married and settle down. I won’t hide my beloved. As actors, everyone’s curious about our lives, which makes it important for us to hold on to whatever little privacy we can.

I would prefer to keep my personal life private once I get married.

The Casanova character (Javed Quadri) you play in Teri Meri Kahaani sounds very similar to the public perception of you. What’s he like?
Javed Quadri lives a life that any guy would like to live. He is a Casanova, a good-for-nothing who mouths shayris (poetry) when he sees a girl.

You went from cute boy-next-door to hot (post Kaminey). Which tag do you prefer?
What you see of me in Kaminey (2009), Mausam (2011) or Badmaash Company (2010) are my interpretations of characters someone else has written for me. The real me is very different, but I do occasionally find shades of me in different characters. I discovered an edgier side during Kaminey (2009), a quieter side during Jab We Met (2007) and an easier side during Teri Meri Kahaani. The tags keep changing. It’s wonderful if people call me cute or sexy as long as they call me something.