'I knew Mahi would bounce back!' - John Abraham'


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Oct. 25 -- As India inches towards a 5-0 whitewash of England in Kolkata, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is back in favour and no one can be happier than best friend John Abraham.
Having seen the media-bashing his friend was put through after the disastrous English tour this summer, John is thrilled that Captain Cool and his boys in blue are back to their winning ways.
"Mahi is a fighter and I knew he'd bounce back," asserts John who himself has emerged from a professional low with his latest release Force. Dhoni, along with wife Sakshi and several cricketers of the Indian team went to see John's latest film and came out raving about it.
"Mahi's been telling me for a while now that I should do more action films and after seeing force he only repeated that adding that given my physique I was made for the genre," John smiles. Saying that Dhoni is a friend who's always been there for him, like during his father's illness, John describes him as a "solid guy" who's unfazed by either wins or losses. "He smiles through success knowing the media-bashing is not far and when it comes, takes the jabs on his chin, full on," asserts John, adding that temperamentally, his friend and he are mirror images of each other in their attitude to highs and lows.
"The only difference is that he plays cricket while I am an actor." However, the similarities don't end there. Says John, "We're both fitness freaks and bike enthusiasts...committed when in a relationship and to our chosen careers."