I have done no wrong: Pooja Bhatt


By Hindustan Times

Actor-turned-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt, 39, who has been issued a warrant by a local Mumbai court for not appearing at the Friday hearing for an obscenity case she was booked under, blames the police for having giving the dock a miss.

"It was on Friday at 1.10pm that a police constable came with t
he court’s summons. He told me that I was suppose to be in the court at 3 pm. Now, tell me, is it practically possible to get my lawyers and other machinery in place and reach at such short notice?" explains Bhatt, who was booked for using posters with a skimpily-clad South African model while promoting her 2005 film, Rog.

PoojaOn Monday morning, Bhatt tweeted, "Have made a formal complaint against beat officer Sathe + Bandra police station for their lapse with regards to serving me court summons". She explains, "The officers did not convey to the court their delay in serving me the summons.I have complained to the ACP (west) Mumbai and hope that he will take action.”

The Bandra court had discharged Bhatt and others in the case on July 14, 2008, on account of insufficient evidence against them. However, in January this year, the session’s court reopened the case. The hearing is likely to come up next on July 4.

Bhatt was booked for objections against posters for her 2005 film, Rog. The pictures showed a skimpily clad South African model, Elina Hamman. The case was closed on July 14, 2008, but reopened on January 10 this year. “I don’t know how I am wrong, since I obtained the no-objection certificate from the censor board for the posters,” says Bhatt.