I endorse only those products that I use: Salman Khan


By Hindustan Times
Superstar Salman Khan, who has been given the first ever brand endorser of the year award instituted by advertising association, said he promotes only those products which he used.
"I endorse only those products that I use," Salman said at an IAA Leadership Awards function.
The 47-year-old actor has endorsed a number of products and is also the brand ambassador of some companies.
"When I endorse a product, that means I am telling the public that you should also wear it, eat it or use it. If I do not use or consume any product, I will not endorse it," he said.
Salman also called on the corporates to support his Being Human initiative.
Being Human is a non-government organisation set up by Salman which sells T-shirts and other products to raise funds for supporting the underprivileged.
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