I am okay wearing a bikini: Sarah Jane


By Hindustan Times
Debutante actor Sarah Jane Dias has no issues doing intimate scenes.
On Bachchan Junior
Abhishek (co-star) never had starry airs about himself and made me comfortable right from the start. He understood that it was my first film and supported me.
On moving to films
The transition from modelling to acting has been natural for me. I never felt cautious because camera to me is like another person.
On intimate scenes
I am okay wearing a bikini onscreen as I feel comfortable in one. I was also comfortable doing intimate scenes in Game as I am comfortable with Abhinay and Abhishek.
On her role in Game
I play Maya, a strong girl who faces many difficulties in life. She tries to escape her tough circumstances but gets sucked into them even more.
On bagging the film
I auditioned for the role of Game and got shortlisted. Director Abhinay Deo narrated the film to me. I asked him, "Are you offering me the role?" He replied, "Why did I narrate the whole film to you?"
On new projects
I am in talks with few leading directors and keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I will sign some movies by the end of next month.
Fact file
Model-turned-actor Sarah-Jane Dias, 28, is a former beauty queen. Having made her acting debut in last year's Tamil movie Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai, she will now be seen in Game, opposite actor Abhishek Bachchan.