Hrithik Roshan: Game for two!


By Hindustan Times
India, Aug. 9 -- I must admit, my poor Russian import is beginning to feel tired of everything he's doing: essentially chasing heroes and heroines. So, maybe I'll give him a break.
But before he goes off on chutti, he has a couple of news items to share with me. One of them is about Hrithik Roshan, who never works more than one shift a day. But the poor guy had to accommodate his dance show Just Dance that had a cumulative opening rating of 4.7 and his movie Agneepath's shoot in the same day.
K.One, who was following Hrithik across the city, says that he wrapped up the shoot for his TV show at 8 pm on the weekend and instantly moved towards Mehboob Studio in Bandra. There, a crucial scene had to be urgently completed with Rishi Kapoor since he didn't have more dates to allot for the schedule and the scene had been partially shot before. The movie shoot wrapped up at 2 am eventually.