Hrithik Roshan to gain weight again!


By Hindustan Times
Hrithik Roshan's name should be in Guinness World Records for going on maximum diets for gaining weight, losing it, and then gaining it back for another role. The actor is currently put on a high protein diet, comprising 22 eggs a day for his role in Agneepath. He had earlier piled up kilos only to lose them for two different sequences of Guzaarish.
The actor is now religiously working on his new regime. "Hrithik is undergoing a special exercise regimen for four hours every day. He spends an hour doing cardio every morning and three hours in the evening lifting weights," says Satyajit Chaurasia his trainer.
"He has to eat lots of chicken and consume 22 eggs every day," says his trainer. "He breaks down the intake of eggs through the day, taking four in a single shot. This makes it easier for him to stick to his diet."
Adds Chaurasia, "To begin with, we are working on expanding his arms. When we started out his arms measured sixteen-an-a-half inches. We need to notch up 18."
The actor and his trainer have set themselves a deadline of two months to achieve the perfect form.