Hrithik has a sweet tooth!


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Oct. 21 -- Few people ever get to hang out with their heroes, let alone live their lives. So for 20-year-old Kolkata-based Jyoti Vishwakarma, a die-hard fan of Hrithik Roshan, getting a chance to put herself in the shoes of India's first superhero was more than a dream come true.
"I'm ecstatic that my first ever trip to Mumbai was to meet my favourite star, Hrithik Roshan. I couldn't have asked for more," she says about the day she spent shooting for UTV Stars' show, Live My Life 2, that airs tonight at 7 pm. Even though she's a huge, huge fan of the actor (she even had his name tattooed on her arm), spending a day living like her hero taught her things about him that she never knew before.
Here are five Hrithik facts she discovered. I knew that Hrithik is an inspiration to many people, but what I didn't know was the first person to inspire him was his grandfather, J Omprakash, and the second is his father, Rakesh Roshan. Whenever he travels or feels low, he reads a book called A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. He has a sweet tooth, so I knew he liked cakes, chocolates and brownies. But what I learned was that he even likes Indian sweets such as sandesh, which I had taken for him. No matter how busy he is, he always makes time for his friends and he helps them in whatever way he can. He's really particular about his exercise regime and his diet. He frequently changes the two. Currently, he has about seven to eight meals a day. And his trainer told me that his blood group is B + and that happens to be the same blood group as mine!