Honey Singh causes hungama!


By Hindustan Times
Crowd, confusion and chaos follow Yo Yo Honey Singh wherever he goes. The Punjabi rapper’s previous concerts in Delhi University created stampede-like scenes, and the latest one on Saturday night in Kirti Nagar’s Moments Mall, where he along with his team performed to celebrate the launch of DLF’s multi-brand outlet AVE.NEU, kept up the record.
It began when the Dope Shope and Angreji Beat singer took a walk around the new store. Though he had a human chain of 5-7 bouncers on each side to protect him from the unruly crowd that forcefully entered to have a glimpse of him, but that didn't help as expensive showpieces, perfume bottles and sunglasses faced the damage. An employee was overheard saying, “We would have surely incurred losses not just because of the product destruction but also because of shop lifting incidents.”
Honey was mobbed on his way out from the store towards the performance area. His bouncers could be seen pushing the crowd to make way for the rapping sensation. And once he reached the performing arena the fans went crazy, the roads went choc-a-block and the police was struggling to deal with this madness. So much so that the police was forced to do a slight lathi charge to control the rowdy fans who were trying to barge into the premise.
Singh saw this and requested the cops to not mistreat the fans like this. He said from the stage, “Sir, they are my brothers... please don’t hit them as they are here to see me.” Singh in the past has given an open challenge to international singers Enrique Iglesias and Akon saying that, “If there happen to be parallel concerts of Akon, Enrique and I in Delhi, then I will be pulling twice the crowd as compare to them.”
Even this time, he took a dig at Akon and Shah Rukh Khan saying, “Why did Khan invite Akon from abroad to sing Chammak Challo, do we have less talent here… listen to our version of the song which is far better than the original.”
He performed for about an hour in front of thousands of crowd who could be seen humming the lyrics and dancing to his tunes. And to avoid any further chaos he was made to leave the venue while his last song of the evening was half way through… but still the fans ran behind his vanity, some managed to even climb on the bumper but his security took him away safely.