Is Meryl Streep the best female actor in Hollywood?

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New Delhi, Jan. 8 -- Actor Meryl Streep has received 13 Oscar and 22 Golden Globe nominations, the maximum by any female actor till date. 
Her polished performance in The Post (2017) has received wide appreciation. There is no doubt that Streep is one of the most accomplished female actors of her era. 
However, before her, some iconic performers ruled the big screen. And Meryl herself stated once, "It's difficult to match the inimitable Katherine Hepburn." Here's a comparative study of two cult actors, Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, along with Streep to assess if she is the greatest. 
As she stood smiling stark naked in a night sequence of Still of The Night (1982), Meryl Streep became the most desirable woman for millions of male admirers. A great mix of talent, confidence and beauty, the actor has transcended the ever-changing landscape of acting, over the years. Her intensity in Sophie's Choice (1982), strength in Iron Lady (2011), style in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), got her high reviews and reactions. But Streep even at her best is too conscious in front of a camera. It'd be nice to see howshe fares at the Golden Globes, this year. 
No other actor had the charisma that Greta Garb did. Though not (considered) as a classic actor, Garbo's brilliant performance as Mata Har (1931 ) and Anna Karenina (1935), her low pitched dialogue delivery accompanied by calculated body language made her a demigod to countless fans. The spontaneous actor had quit at a time when no on thought she would. 
Initially, she was termed a Swedish cow because of her height. But little did anyone guessed that this beauty with brains would become an alltime great. Actors Gregory Peck, Humphrey Boggart and Omar Shariff marvelled at her ability to react with multiple expressions. When she cried, "Oh Jesus" in Joan of Arc (1948), Bergman shed real tears. As Anastasia (1956), she proved a perfect foil to the confident Yul Bryner. Her performance in Stromboli (1950) inspired director Ingmar Bergman to call her an authority of method acting.