Mallika Sherawat meets Oscar-winning film-maker Guillermo del Toro!

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Mumbai, March 8 -- Mallika Sherawat has often been seen in the company of international celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Barack Obama and Bill Gates. And now, according to a source close to Mallika, she recently met Oscar-winning filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro, in Los Angeles.


Del Toro, best known for his dark fantasy films, recently won two Oscars in the Best Picture and Best Director categories for his 2017 fantasy film, The Shape of Water, at the 90th Academy Awards. Mallika apparently spent a lot of time discussing about films at length with the film-maker even as he revealed his love for Bollywood films.


The source says, "The filmmaker was introduced to Bollywood films by his wife, who also loves Bollywood musicals and all the song and dance. He even expressed his desire to make his Bollywood debut with a musical."


Mallika has apparently been in love with the filmmaker's work ever since she first watched his film, Pan's Labyrinth (2006) and was in awe after she watched the recently released The Shape of Water. 


She asserts that it was an unforgettable moment to meet him. She says, "I have been a huge admirer and I have been in love with his work ever since I first watched Pan's Labyrinth. When we met, he expressed his love for Bollywood cinema and he also said that he would love to do a Bollywood musical someday. Meeting and discussing films with him is like a dream come true. It is truly one of my most memorable experiences and I am going to cherish it."