Irrfan signed Hollywood project to impress his kids!

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New Delhi, May 29 -- Actor Irrfan Khan, who will be seen in Hollywood film Jurrasic World, says that he took on the film because his sons, Babil, 7, and Aryan, 12, wanted him to be a part of the project.

"Irrfan is playing the character of Simon Masrani; owner of Jurrasic World. Irrfan was emotionally tricked by his kids to sign the film as they wanted to see him in this role," says a source.

The source adds that when Irrfan was approached for the film, the offer was tempting, but it was the excitement of his kids that truly motivated him to sign the movie without a doubt.

"His kids told him that there was no way he was saying no to this," adds the source. When we asked Irrfan about this, he told us, "My kids are my biggest critics. Looking at their enthusiasm, I was very sure that this is the right role for me," he says, adding, "I always wanted to engage kids with my films. This is why I was thrilled to sign this film."