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Hollywood Films of the year 2014

Boxoffice Results

  1. INR 0.75 Cr.
  2. INR 0.30 Cr.
  3. INR 32.13 Cr.
  4. INR 19.11 Cr.
  5. INR 159.45 Cr.



1 Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor Director: Michael Bay Total gross (Theatres): $1 billion

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy

Cast: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan and Djimon Hounsou Director: James Gunn Total gross (Theatres): $772 million

3 Maleficent

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Sharlto Copley, Elle Fanning and Sam Riley Director: Robert Stromberg Total gross (Theatres): $757 million

4 X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Cast: Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence Director: Bryan Singer Total gross (Theatres): $746 million

5 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Cast: Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L Jackson Director: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo Total gross (Theatres): $714 million

6 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx Director: Marc Webb Total gross (Theatres): $708.9 million

7 Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Cast: Andy Serkis and Jason Clarke Director: Matt Reeves Total gross (Theatres): $708 million

8 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Director: Francis Lawrence Total gross (Theatres): $644 million

9 Interstellar

Cast: Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway Director: Christopher Nolan Total gross (Theatres): $637 million

10 How To Train Your Dragon 2

Cast: Gerard Butler (voice) and Cate Blanchett (voice) Director: Dean DeBlois Total gross (Theatres): $618 million

11 Godzilla

Cast: Aaron Johnson, Ken Watanabe and Elizabeth Olsen Director: Gareth Edwards Total gross (Theatres): $524 million

12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cast: Megan Fox and Will Arnett Director: Jonathan Liebesman Total gross (Theatres): $477 million

13 The LEGO Movie

Cast: Chris Pratt (voice), Elizabeth Banks (voice), Liam Neeson (voice) and Morgan Freeman (voice) Director: Phil Lord and Chris Miller (II) Total gross (Theatres): $468 million

14 22 Jump Street

Cast: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum Director: Phil Lord and Chris Miller (II) Total gross (Theatres): $331 million

15 Big Hero 6

Cast: TJ Miller (voice), James Cromwell (voice) Director: Don Hall and Chris Williams Total gross (Theatres): $275 million Source: (worldwide collections).