First Blade Runner 2049 reactions call it the best film of 2017

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The embargo has been lifted on the reviews for Blade Runner 2049 a full two weeks before its release - always a promising sign. 
And the reactions are ecstatic. While full reviews will arrive later, those who have seen the film were allowed to tweet about it, and they are unanimous in their praise, noting Denis Villeneuve’s direction, Roger Deakins’ cinematography, and the film’s success at living up to the high benchmark set by the original.
Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, is considered one of the greatest science-fiction films of all time. The sequel arrives 35 years after the original, and brings in Ryan Gosling to star opposite Harrison Ford.
This is Villeneuve’s third film in as many years to have been roundly applauded. He directed Sicario in 2015, and Arrival in 2016. 
The Quebecois filmmaker is scheduled to tackle Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel Dune next, and he is also listed as one of the contenders to direct the 25th James Bond film.
Roger Deakins has been nominated 13 times for the Best Cinematography Oscar, and many are calling for the Academy to take this opportunity to honour his work. They’re also calling Blade Runner 2049 a sure shot Oscar contender, and one of the finest films of the year.