Bollywood celebs take up the Dame Tu Cosita dance challenge

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New Delhi, April 2 -- Jiving with a 'green alien' is the latest fad that has Internet peeps hooked, celebs included. 


Actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya have done it, and so have popular comedians Mallika Dua and Bhuvan Bam. 


Over the last few weeks, a challenge called Dame Tu Cosita has gone viral on social media - participants have to match steps with a frog-like alien on the foot-tapping song by artist El Chombo, on the app. 


TV actor Divyanka was the first to impress fans with her dance skills before flying to London with her husband. 


"#LondonReady but this alien won't leave until I dance with him!" she wrote on Instagram, alongside her video that got more than 2.7 million views in just a day's time. 


While Mallika Dua and Bhuvan Bam's versions are rather hilarious, with the latter in his 'Titu Mama' avatar, Jacqueline's is a fun attempt with her friend, makeup artist Shaan Muttathil. 


Amid fun banter during a post-shoot dinner, the two break into the Dame Tu Cosita moves in the video shot in Abu Dhabi. The video has been viewed over 1.4 million times since Jacqueline posted it on her Instagram account four days ago. Let's see who joins in next.