Best Oscars hosts and why we remember them!

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New Delhi, Feb. 28 -- We review the best Oscar hosts and why we remember them..
Jimmy Kimmel's act was one of the highlights of the last Academy Awards night. From addressing the current political environment to taking a dig at longtime friend and pseudo-nemesis Matt Damon on his choice of films, Kimmel was the star of the night. The icing on the cake, however, is Kimmel's return to the stage to host Hollywood's most prestigious award ceremony this year, too. 
"Oscar is the only 74-year old man in Hollywood who doesn't need Viagra to last three hours." Only Whoopi Goldberg can come up with something as audacious as that and have the confidence to unleash it at a stage as big as the Academy Awards. Right from her rollicking entrances to her in-yourface one-liners, Whoopi was a riot, but at the same time, exemplified exactly the kind of poise you expect from a former Oscar-winner. 
BOB HOPE (1939 1977) 
The most featured Oscar host, Bob Hope has hosted the Academy Awards 19 times! In fact, he hosted the event even when the awards hadn't started getting broadcast. The funny Hope can be seen mock-wrestling with Marlon Brando for the Best Actor's trophy in the 1955 edition. There's no way he wasn't going to make it to this list. 
That selfie. It's possibly the most iconic moment of this generation. That's the kind of effect comedian and TV show host Ellen DeGeneres had on the Oscars when she hosted it in 2014. While the selfie with Hollywood's creme de la creme went viral, it wasn't the only way in which she aced hosting the Academy Awards. Ellen brought her personal brand of comedy to the show and ensured the audience remained hooked from start to finish. 
"Writers, actors, directors. If we're stuck here tonight, and we run out of food, that's the order of whom we'll eat." Steve Martin's opening monologue at the 75th Academy Awards was a masterclass in dry humour. The political environment was tense, but Martin, with his selfreflexive humour and paced delivery, killed it with consummate ease.