Baahubali writer to write Black Panther in Hindi!

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New Delhi, Jan. 22 -- Writer and lyricist Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the Hindi dialogues for the Baahubali films, has been roped in by the makers of the upcoming film Black Panther to retain the larger-than-life action, powerful dialogues and the royalty and mystique of the world of the superhero, in the movie's Hindi version as well. 
An elated Manoj tells us that it's a dream come true for the screenwriter. "It's everyone's fantasy to be a superhero, and have mind-blowing superpowers. The titular character of the superhero, Black Panther, the advanced kingdom of Wakanda, the royal scale, the powerful dialogues, and the epic action sequences provide for an interesting realm to work with, as a writer," gushes Manoj. 
The writer adds that translating a superhero film in English into Hindi was a challenge that he was waiting to take on. He says, "The idea is to add Indian taste to the Hindi dialogues while retaining the original flavor of the movie. Marvel movies feature some of the most loved superheroes in the world, so it's thrilling as well as challenging."