Anupam Kher's Indian surprise for De Niro..

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Mumbai, March 22 -- Anupam Kher is known across the world for his huge body of work that he has built through the course of his illustrious career spanning over 35 years - both on home turf and in the West. 


The actor is a popular face in Hollywood as well, and he had a pleasant surprise in waiting when Hollywood legend Robert De Niro threw him a surprise on his birthday last week. 


Anupam, who has been shooting for his international television series in New York City (USA), was invited by his Silver Linings Playbook (2012) co-star Robert De Niro and his wife Grace to the Greenwich Hotel in the Big Apple for a special birthday dinner.


As a token of appreciation, Anupam decided to take De Niro and his wife out for a meal. A source close to the actor reveals, "A couple of days ago, Anupam treated De Niro,his wife Grace, director David O Russell and few other friends to Indian hospitality and took them for dinner to a popular Indian restaurant in New York. He knows that his Hollywood friends love Indian cuisine, so he planned a special dinner where the group gorged on some of their favourite Indian curries and breads."


When contacted, the actor said, "It was a wonderful evening. I took Robert De Niro and his wife Grace, David O Russell and his wife Holly, and their friends out for dinner to an Indian restaurant. They absolutely loved the food there. We were there for over two hours."