Himesh turns rapper with Edward Maya, Li'l Wayne


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Nov. 4 -- Himesh Reshammiya is set to make his international music debut. And for his album, @Da Edge, the Indian singer-composer has collaborated with American rapper Li'l Wayne and musician-DJ Edward Maya. Himesh will be seen jamming with Li'l Wayne in the music video of 'Come to me now...' soon. "
@Da Edge will be released by HR music (Himesh's company) and Universal International in 122 countries," says Himesh, adding that the album comprises 15 English songs.
"The first collaboration was with Edward, who remixed 'I have been waiting for you so long...' and Wayne is doing 'Come to me now...'," he adds. Roman White, who in the past has directed videos for pop singer Justin Bieber and American performer-actor Taylor Swift, will shoot Himesh's music videos.
"They will be filmed in Miami and Romania," he says, adding, "Every three months, one video will go on air and each will feature an international artiste." Ask him how he cracked the deal and he says, "I had written, composed and sung the songs. I sent them to Universal. They loved them and came onboard."
Two years before he began composing, Himesh did a lot of research to understand international culture, he claims, "Then I took a year and a half to write, compose and record." R&B singer Rihanna's stylists Damian and Avigail too have been roped in to design his look. Like most international projects, @Da Edge will take three years to complete, which will include shooting all the music videos, and the eventual release of the album.
As for his last film, Damadamm, which released alongside RA.One this Diwali, Himesh insists it made its money: "The cost was recovered before the film released. It's turned out to be a hit in the first six days' collection of R 3.17 crore net."