Himesh ke saath saath!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 25 -- You know what, I'm actually missing Madhu my Mottu Maid. When she's in the mood she does brew up a decent cup of coffee. When I tell Vijjy this, he tells me that he will fly my entire entourage over to Paris. The jet his already wining off to Mumbai.

Now before you accuse me of acting like a primma donna let me tell you that the idea struck Himesh Reshamiya first. The singer-composer has moved out of his home and moved into his office. And if his biwi is still sleeping easy these last two weeks it's because she knows that it's all work and no play for Himesh bhai as he tries to crack a mind-blowing score for Bodyguard.

And to make sure that he's comfortable in his new home his staff that inclides his valet and his cook have moved in with him. Now before you make some crack about it being a rich (wo)man's world let me tell you that such is life dearies!