Govinda: Fat boy slim!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 1 -- Their demanding film roles were responsible for putting Bollywood stars from Shah Rukh Khan (Om Shanti Om, 2007) to Kareena Kapoor (Tashan, 2008) on the fast track to fitness. The latest addition to this list is Govinda, who lost 28 kilos for his recently released comedy, Naughty @ 40. Pleased with his slimmer look, the actor enthuses that he's working hard to lose eight more kilos.

Govinda, who was labelled Late Latif until a few years ago, has remodeled himself into an early riser and a health freak. "It was important for me to change many things about my lifestyle. The difficult part is to become obstinate that you've to lose a lot of weight," he says, adding that once he became 'ziddi' (stubborn) about that, he was able to work systematically towards getting fit.

The actor, who's a strong believer in Ayurveda, explains that he didn't want to rush the slimming process because he was worried an untimely break in his regimen would result in the lost kilos returning. "So I created a proper plan, complete with exercising, yoga and meditation, and not to forget, eating at the right time," explains Govinda, whose dinner now comprises of only a bowl of soup.

Point out to him that his films have been delayed in reaching the cinemas, and he says, "Analysing, blaming... all that spoils the atmosphere. We must come up with solutions instead." However, he's quick to clarify, "Producer Anuj Sharma has worked hard to overcome the legal troubles and release Naughty @ 40, though we started working on it about two years ago."

Govinda informs that Run Bhola Run is scheduled in June, Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai in July and Loot in September. "Hopefully, things will go according to plans now," he concludes.