Glad that I didn’t let people down: Rajev Khandelwal


By Hindustan Times
The film Table No 21 has opened to good critical response at the beginning of the New Year and the film’s lead star Rajeev Khandelwal is happy that in a role that carries grey shades, he has managed to surprise the audience. “I had said that I would be able to surprise, if not shock audience. The film was meant to be about performances and the thrill element while being an on-the-edge drama. My character is not one dimensional. I am glad that I didn’t let people down,” Rajeev said.
“For people who were looking for great content and performances, this film had a lot to offer. The whole character graph was so complicated that I had to work really hard. To be honest, there were times when I was not getting the pitch and the mood right,” he added.
Rajeev said that it becomes difficult “when you work with someone like Paresh or even Tena who is so tough on herself before she gets that perfect shot. I had to make sure that I could stand up and do justice to a scene.” The actor, who let go of his successful TV career to pursue Bollywood, is happy with the feedback the film is getting. “We are getting amazing feedback and I am very happy. This is what I expected. I am generally very critical about my own work but here Aditya Datt (film’s director) has got everything right. He also made sure that the trailer was not misleading. Otherwise you see so many times people put their best shots in those two minutes,” he added.